I welcome you all to the ever growing profession of pharmacy. Pharmaceutical eld is evolving day by day and contributing more and more to the wellbeing of the society. Foundation of Maa Savitree College of Pharmacy 01 years back was done with the goal of providing well trained and groomed Pharmacists who would be involved in promotion of Health and not just making of medicines.Government and Private sectors are working consistently towards improvement of health care among people. Pharmaceutical products or drugs are one of e. the important components of health care management. A ‘Pharmacist’, here, is a pivotal component as his role is expanding from a dispenser to a researcher and a patient counselor. It is one of the few professions which has shown signicant growth rate even in the time of recession. The pharma eld has a perpetual succession. The Pharmaceutical industry is growing by leaps and bound and every day new developments with respect to the pharmaceutical technology are evident

Tej Pratap Singh